Do I have to take the course in one sitting?

No. The course videos and documents are all free and can be viewed at any time.

Do I have to take the Exam(s) in one sitting?

Yes. The exam(s) are timed and each must be completed in one sitting.

How long do I have to complete the CD-BIM exams?

The required Part 1 exam is 1 hour in length. Many candidates can pass it in much less time. The optional Part 2 exam is an additional 1 hour in length.

Do I need to purchase any study materials to pass the course?

The main CD-BIM course documents and videos are 100% online and free. While optional reference books for the curriculum are available, the required body of knowledge for the exams is freely accessible.

How do I know which CD-BIM Part 2 Assessment to take?

The CD-BIM course is designed so that professionals from each industry can choose which part of the assessment to take. The required Part 1 general BIM exam is for anyone wishing to obtain certification in the basics of BIM. Each of the optional Part 2 exams is related to a specific field and trade. For example, the optional Part 2 for Steel Detailing has been developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Steel Detailers (NISD). If you are still not sure which assessments are for you, contact our support team at info@CD-BIM.com.

When can I start?

The program will launch in October, 2016. The exams and training content will be available to the public.

What if I have questions about the material?

Please send any questions to info@CD-BIM.com.

Do I get a CD-BIM certificate?

Yes. After you have successfully passed the exam, your certificate of completion for the CD-BIM will be available for viewing and download. The certificate is valid for 12 months from the date it is issued.

I lost my CD-BIM certificate. Can I get a replacement?

Yes, a replacement certificate request can be sent to info@CD-BIM.com. There is a nominal processing fee of $20 for each replacement certificate.

Who do I contact if I need assistance or have course questions?

For questions about the CD-BIM course, feel free to contact our support team at info@CD-BIM.com