Pilot Program

Have you experienced any of these challenges on your BIM project with a team?

If so, you could benefit from participating in the CD-BIM Pilot Program.

1. Some of the team’s models are coming in at the wrong origin….. $ & Time
2. Meetings needed for training….. $ & Time
3. The modeler does not understand LOD or the modeling scope….. $ & Time
4. The modeler does not know how to use online meetings ….. $ & Time
5. The modeler does not know file naming conventions and formats ….. $ & Time

The training of trade modelers and energy taken from BIM Coordinators is a real issue on a project today. The CD-BIM program is aimed at helping.

Ideal applicants would be BIM Managers and BIM Coordinators who are responsible for leading teams of modelers/detailers in BIM. The pilot program will be free to selected firms who use the exams with their modelers and provide feedback to the curriculum. While not limited to these, these firms could be architecture, construction management and general construction firms even though the pilot program is not limited only to them.

Please use the simple form to apply below.

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