View and Download the LOD Sample Model

Schematic Design Phase

Design Development Phase

Construction Document Phase – 50%

Construction Document Phase – 90%

Construction Document Phase – 100%

Next Iterations


The LOD sample model illustrates a model as it progresses through schematic design, design development, and construction document phases, with the objective of showing how LOD is affected at each milestone. This it the first iteration in a series of sample models being developed by industry leaders with an initiative to demonstrate the implementation of LOD in a model. The model files are being opened to the public to encourage discussion about why LOD matters, risk and profit management with LOD, and other LOD related topics.

Explore the completed model in the viewer below, or click on the images above to find out more about each phase of the model and download the RVT files.

Click on an image above to learn more about the model and download the RVT file, or click here to download all of the models together.